Author - joostuh2

Harbour Run 2015

On October 11 United Homes was along with the Harbour Run. 10 km trail, 4,000 participants and 27 obstacles. 
The weather was fine, the atmosphere was good and we were excited! Our team was committed for the benefit of the 
Odanadi foundation. A foundation that fights against human trafficking and for children’s and women’s rights. 
The port of Rotterdam is generally not accessible to people, but on Sunday, October 11th it was the Harbour Run trail. 
A obstacle run with containers, tires, trucks and occasionally a hay bale. Our entire team has delivered a great 
performance and earned the medal of the Harbour run 2015!


United Homes, Creativiteiten, EasyJob Cleaning and Port Project Services donated a nice amount of money to the Odanadi foundation.

Odanadi adresses all forms of sexual violence against women and children, with a special focus on human trafficking. They have adopted a holistic approach to combat sexual violence through prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, awareness and training programmes. The donated amount of money will be used for the construction of a new shelter in India. In this way, there will be a better future for young adults and children.

Will you help us build a better world? With your support Odanadi can change the lives of many girls and boys in India. Donate to accountnumber: NL53 RABO 0127 9489 88 United for Humanity.