Quality Housing

United Homes is committed to providing high-quality housing for migrant workers and expats. We have concluded agreements with various local authorities and housing corporations and meet the rigorous standards set by the SNF certification agency. This agency ensures the presence of suitable amenities and hygiene facilities, including sufficient privacy and living space. They also ensure that all licenses and insurance policies are up to date, that the necessary (fire) safety precautions have been taken and that sufficient information has been provided in terms of emergency services and safety. United Homes developed its own quality standards which, in addition to safeguarding the quality of the home, ensure the quality of the inventory and overall service provision.

Optimal quality control
Your staff accommodation will be regularly checked by our inspectors for safety, quality and hygiene. These inspections will take place before, during and after the rental period. Our in-house cleaning service will ensure that all properties are in tip-top shape at the start of the rental period. You can also hire our cleaning service during the rental period.

United Homes meets all of the conditions and standards set by certification agencies such as SNF.